Customer Services and Warranty Issues

Warranty Disclaimer:

  • All factory export grade Titan Kayaks watercraft hold a warranty period of one (1) year from the date purchased, unconditional on any parts or moldings manufactured by the company that are damaged during the course of fair paddling and general wear and tear. In the rare case of a broken shell, Titan Kayaks may require proof of the damage and circumstances. After this initial one (1) year period, customers may be required to pay a minimal fee for replacement parts, but can be assured that every effort will be made to keep them a faithful and satisfied Titan Kayaks customer.

  • The warranty is subject to the registration of a purchased boat with Titan Kayaks within 30 days of purchase. Proof of purchase must be held by the customer.

  • Titan Kayaks holds the right to ship any replacement warranty kayaks or parts along with the next order shipped out to the local Distributor.

  • Titan Kayaks holds the right to ship warranty kayaks as far as the importing Warehouse. 

  • Titan Kayaks is not responsible for any additional warranties granted by the seller.

  • Kayaking is a potentially dangerous sport and Titan Kayaks assumes no liability for any damage or injury incurred in connection with the use of its products. All products come with a safety sticker urging users to take all proper safety precautions.

Conditions of claim:

  • Proof of boat warranty registration within 30 days of purchase must be presented.

  • A written explanation and photographs of damage must be provided.

  • Damaged kayak if to be fully replaced must be returned to the place of purchase.

  • The justification of the claim must be authorized by Titan Kayaks.

Warranty is not valid in these cases:

  • Normal wear and tear

  • Any damage due to improper, excessive or abusive use. Scenarios where damage to a kayak might normally be expected (e.g. damage caused after a swim, when an empty kayak has filled with water and impacted or hit against rocks)

  • Rock pitons

  • Changes made to the shell or outfitting of the kayak (including customization or repair), except where this work has been completed by Titan Kayaks

  • Damage to the boat from using a modified brace or from removal of the reinforcing foam

  • Damage during transportation and shipping

  • Damage to the kayak caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, high heat or severe cold.

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