"Welcome to my play ground! The Titan Fantasy Factory is every aspiring kayak designers dream. A factory built and run entirely by athletes and paddlers. No rules, no limits, just a place to push designs, get together with friends, and emirse ourselves in the sport we love all in the name of excelling the sport and simply having more fun on the water. All are welcome! Come join us! Build some boats! Join the movement!" - Anthony Yap (Titan Founder)

From The Ground Up...

Titan started as a dream concept that for years only exhisted on papers scattered through the numerous note books I carried round the world with me while living the nomadic paddlers lifestyle.

During that time as a sponsored athlete I was lucky enough to work with some amazing brands on their own products and very quickly realized that for me product design in the Paddle Sports industry was the place to be!

Slowly the dreams of creating a fantasy factory started to take shape until the summer of 2008 when the decision to make the first big move was made.


Together with Jackie Hennessy (my better half and partner in crime) we took everything we had and moved to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where my father was currently working, and managed to rent a small corner of the factory he was working in at the time.

We set up shop using scrap wood to build tables and work benches and immediately started building our first proto-type. For the first time what was once on paper had finally manifested itself through blood, sweat and determination into reality.

We launched the begining of Titan in 2009 with Kayak Session immediately featuring an article about the new start up. The support from the paddling community was unlike anything we could have imagined and this just pushed us harder and faster.

After the first proto-type was done it was time to get out there and have some fun with some friends. We took the new design over to Canada and started further testing and modifying the design over the entire spring, summer and fall.

Yet again the support of friends and the community is the only reason we were able to push through these trials. From shaping new models with friends in the back of a friends yard (Thank you Andy Mason & Ben Fraser!)... to setting up a make shift composite facility by the river with the ever too generious Eversole Family... the designs started evolving and the dream had well and truely started.

Proto-type after proto-type took shape with each one focusing on certain design principles I'd been wanting to experiment with. Starting with 'staggered rail' testing in Canada, to a narrower tail concept test on the big water rivers in China, to a more forgiving rail system trialed during a 21 day expedition into the Kimberley ranges of North Western Australia. Our first boat "The Genesis" slowly started to take shape.

From our first tiny factory corner space we moved up to a larger corner space in industrial KL, and soon after that as mass production grew into more of a necessity we found ourselves in our own place for the first time...


A small two story shop lot close to the ports of KL. Small, dark and cosy there was barely enough room to move and we simply used it to assemble boats, package them and get them out on the water. Jackie and myself set up a small room in the top level next to boxes of supplies and made the best of a very humble exsitence for a good 2 years while we slowly grew as a brand and expanded our range from 1 size in Freestyle boat, to a full series of 3 sizes, with then also releasing our first creek boat, "The Exile".

The Beginning of the Titan Fantasy Factory

At the beginning of 2014 it was time to make a move... go big or go home as they say. With the dream of a fantasy factory still clear in our minds there was no looking back. We found a beautiful empty factory on the outskirts of KL just 30mins from Jungle and Malaysian wilderness and the planning began.


Old sketchbooks were uncovered and designs from years past started flooding back. It was time to build ourselves an OVEN!

Not just any oven... our very own custom creation built from scratch with one goal in mind... to mold kayaks! Over the next 6 months we layed out plans, dug holes, and began the epic task of welding and assembly the giant fire breathing monster.

For me there's nothing more satisfying then seeing an idea come to life and the Titan Oven would have to be one of my proudest designs.

Jackie layed up plans for the factory layout setting up the production line. She split the factory into 4 equal parts... Molding, Parts Prep, Assembly (strictly clean area) and packaging & storage).

With the offices up-stairs and a showroom area that's still a work in progress, the R&D section (my favorite place to be) was placed just out front where the fresh open air would give all those nasty resin/paint/foam fumes & dust plenty of space to breath.


2015 rolled around and the Titan Fantasy Factory had been born. It was time for the first test... we set out to produce from scratch the first designs made entirely under the Titan Fantasy Factory roof.

The new Yantra river runner and BiaBat Polo boat were the first on the list. Fiberglass, foam and plaster dust flew for a few months while prototyping and perfecting took place until we had our designs. Fiberglass patterns were then sent off to our casters where we oversaw the pouring of casts and CNC milling of pricise parts.


With the aluminium molds still quite raw they were brought back to the factory and over the next few weeks we spent the greatest of care and love in grinding and polishing the molds into an absolute mirror finish.

After 7 long years of hard work the Titan Fantasy Factory had finally lived up to the dream and we couldn't be more excited!


We welcome all paddlers to stop by, check out the factory and even hang around and build some boats with us as a Titan boat builder.

The Titan Fantasy Factory stands as a testament to all those people out there fighting to follow their dreams. Never give up, always look forward, and remember that if you choose a job you love you'll never work a day in your life!

Happy Paddling!

- Anthony Yap

Titan Founder & President


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