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The MIX is it! The Worlds first plastic Sit-On-Top to be developed around a high performance white water freestyle hull!


The result is a Sit-On-Top that surfs and handles unlike anything else out there, opening you up to a whole new world of fun on the water.


The high outer walls give the boat central volume while also providing extra control through the thighs.

With this extra control the MIX doesnt paddle like any normal Sit-On-Top. The extra control lets you lift your edges to navigate rapids or carve and spin down waves.


The compact length and flat hulled bottom make the boat extremely easy to turn and handle even for small children, while remaining stable and forgiving even when on edge.

Add the extra Thigh brace system and take the MIX to the next level!


Not only is the MIX easy to roll, but it's also capable of some of the most advanced freestyle moves, like airscrews and helixs. No matter what your skill level the MIX is a good time.

Perfect for beginners trying kayaking for the first time. No need to worry about being enclosed in a Sit-In kayak... if you happen to capsize the MIX just climb back on and keep paddling.

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