About Titan Kayaks

The Titan project has been a dream in the making. Founded by athlete and designer Anthony Yap back in 2009 Titan Kayaks has been built from the ground up by athletes and paddlers themselves.


From the humble beginnings of working in the back yards of friends, to renting out our first small factory space, to now establishing our very own Titan Fantasy Factory. The Titan journey has been one of determination and perserverance all driven by the passion and love for the paddling lifestyle.


We're a small grass roots company that loves to work closely with the paddling community to build the boats you want to paddle.


The dream in the end is simple...

1. Have a good time with friends

2. Make new toys with friends to have an even better time with friends.

3. Spread toys around so everyone else is having a great time

4. Be Happy & be outdoors!


To the entire paddling community,

Thanks for being so awesome! We couldn't do it without you!


- The Titan Team


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